VR Prototyping Template

Sketch and Unity templates for quick prototyping in VR.

Updated December 15, 2016 · License

Why this is important

Prototyping with Unity can be very intimidating. If you’re at the early stages of design or concept development, these templates will help you quickly visualize your design in VR without spending a lot of time creating individual components and scripts.

Using this template, you can easily drag and drop your 2D mockups and page through them in VR by using your keyboard or headset controls. Once you are confident in your design direction, you can invest more time on creating interactive prototypes in Unity.

What’s inside

In this download you’ll find two templates: a Sketch template with ergonomic guidelines for your mockups, and a Unity sample project that automatically projects them into an inverted sphere (14m in diameter, which is 7m from the camera to UI plane) to quickly review designs in the right context of use.

Follow these steps to set up your prototype:

1) Use the Sketch or Photoshop template to create the screen flow or several iterations of your design and export your files.

2) Unzip Unity project and place your files in ‘Assets/StreamingAssets’ folder

3) Open the project in Unity 5.5 or above and click ‘Play’ to preview your prototype.

Viewing your prototype in VR

To view on Oculus Rift, connect your headset and page through your designs by pressing Space on your keyboard or “A” on gamepad.

To view on Gear VR, follow these steps to set up your environment for Gear VR development, then you will be prompted to insert your phone into the Gear VR headset to launch the application automatically. To page through your prototype, tap the touchpad in your Gear VR.

A special thanks to Gabriel Valdivia, Katya Kostyukova, and Brian Schulman.

Gabriel ValdiviaGabriel ValdiviaKatya KostyukovaKatya KostyukovaBrian SchulmanBrian Schulman