Virtual Hands

Renders of hands in various poses to be used in your VR designs.

Updated December 15, 2016 · License

Why this is important

Prototyping for Touch interactions in VR can be really hard; it requires technical skills and access to expensive hardware. This set of virtual hands can be useful for storyboarding touch interactions and quickly communicating touch interactions for VR before jumping into a more advanced prototyping tool like Unity.

What’s inside?

In this download, you’ll find a set of virtual hands in different poses that can be used to mock up hand interactions for VR using familiar design tools like Sketch or Photoshop.

Virtual Hands are free to use in any private or public space. Do not repackage and redistribute these as your own.

Read about Christophe Tauziet’s experience designing for touch interactions in VR on Medium.

A special thanks to Gabriel Valdivia, Brian Schulman, and Christophe Tauziet.

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