Sound Kit for Prototypes

A collection of interaction sounds for prototypes.

Updated June 21, 2017 · License

Designing for Sound

To help designers explore how sound can impact their designs, Facebook Design created a collection of interaction sounds for prototypes. You can read more about how Sound Design enhances interactions within Facebook’s apps here.

We’ve incorporated these sounds into Origami and worked with the Framer Team to add them to Framer as well. But you can also download the entire set of sounds and use them for other prototypes.

What’s inside?

The set includes two folders: “Full Volume” and “Low Volume”. Each has a variety of sounds that are identical to each other with one difference being the default volume.

Full Volume (-5dB)

We use this set of sounds when playing back on our computers. Use this sound set for times when you need more control over volume. These files are loud and will most likely need to be turned down. For example, if you are giving a demonstration on your laptop, you may need to adjust your computer or system volume to suit your playback needs.

Low Volume (-20dB)

We use this set of sounds when playing back on a mobile device and are closer to the sounds you might find in production. Use this sound set when you would like playback to be more representative of how experiences might sound on a mobile device. The files are much lower in volume which can help with speaker distortion. For example, each mobile device has on board DSP (Digital Signal Processing), which can impact audio playback. Playing back sounds at lower levels may help alleviate this OS challenge as you iterate.

  • ../public/images/buttons-and-navigation.png

    Buttons and Navigation

    12 Sounds

    Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Button 5 Button 6 Button 7 Collapse Expand Tab 1 Tab 2 Tab 3
  • ../public/images/complete-and-success.png

    Complete and Success

    6 Sounds

    Complete 1 Complete 2 Complete 3 Success 1 Success 2 Success 3
  • ../public/images/errors-and-cancel.png

    Errors and Cancel

    7 Sounds

    Cancel 1 Cancel 2 Error 1 Error 2 Error 3 Error 4 Error 5
  • ../public/images/notifications-and-alerts.png

    Notifications and Alerts

    14 Sounds

    Alert 1 Alert 2 Alert 3 Alert 4 Alert 5 Notification 1 Notification 2 Notification 3 Notification 4 Notification 5 Notification 6 Notification 7 Notification 8 Notification 9

Please do not repackage and redistribute these as your own. If you want to include them in your design tool like Origami or Framer, contact us!

A special thanks to Will Littlejohn, Jon Ojeda, Scott Dugdale, Debashish Paul, Matej Hrescak, and Jeff Smith.

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