Messenger Platform Design Kit

Sketch templates for native experiences.

Updated April 19, 2017 · License

Automate Your Bot Design

To help you build interactions that are visually consistent with the existing Messenger ecosystem, we created a set of design templates that can be applied across the most common use cases on the platform.

Whether you’re creating a standalone bot, setting up a chat extension or implementing an interactive webview, the Messenger Platform Design Kit includes tools and resources that make it easier to mock up concepts or create customized solutions of your own.

To learn more about building on the Messenger Platform, please visit our developer docs website. You’re welcome to share the Messenger Platform Design Kit with other designers and developers—we just ask that you don’t repackage or redistribute its content as your own.

A special thanks to Ruthia He, Dave Feldman, Henri Liriani, Brian Nelson, and Elena Ontiveros.

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