Images and Sketch files of popular devices.

Updated Feb 26th, 2020 · Disclaimer

Designing for many platforms

Facebook supports a diverse audience around the world and an equally diverse set of devices. To emphasize that in our design mocks, we redrew a range of devices to show the global diversity of the people using our products. Each device comes with a bitmap of the device (with and without shadows) and the original Sketch file for that device.

We’ve incorporated many of these devices into Origami and worked with the Framer Team to add them to Framer as well.

Please do not repackage and redistribute these as your own. Please see disclaimer for full details.

A special thanks to Riccardo Carlet, Eric Liang, Jeff Smith, Andrew Aquino, Robin Clediere, Dean Hudson, Pietro Schirano, Harry Copeman, Andrew Pouliot, Yih Liang, Shali Nguyen, J.T. Trollman, Benji Kuroda, Gabriel Valdivia, Pelle Wistén, Priyanka Kodikal, Mohammed Abid, Jeremy Friedland, Marcos Mejia, Trevor Phillippi, Moeed Mohammad, Lu Huang, and Leonard Jung.

Riccardo CarletRiccardo CarletEric LiangEric LiangJeff SmithJeff SmithAndrew AquinoAndrew AquinoRobin ClediereRobin ClediereDean HudsonDean HudsonPietro SchiranoPietro SchiranoHarry CopemanHarry CopemanAndrew PouliotAndrew PouliotYih LiangYih LiangShali NguyenShali NguyenJ.T. TrollmanJ.T. TrollmanBenji KurodaBenji KurodaGabriel ValdiviaGabriel ValdiviaPelle WisténPelle WisténPriyanka KodikalPriyanka KodikalMohammed AbidMohammed AbidJeremy FriedlandJeremy FriedlandMarcos MejiaMarcos MejiaTrevor PhillippiTrevor PhillippiMoeed MohammadMoeed MohammadLu HuangLu HuangLeonard JungLeonard Jung