Desktop Kit

Sketch Template of UI Elements Found in macOS.

Updated August 17, 2017 · Disclaimer

Designing for Desktop

Desktop Kit is a GUI for building web and desktop applications. Whether you’re building a user flow through a web app or constructing a Mac interface, there are currently few comprehensive desktop GUIs available and we hope this collection of common UI elements speeds up your design and development process. It includes everything from cursors and dropdowns to chrome for Mac and popular browsers.

What’s inside?

Desktop Kit contains most of the fundamental desktop application and web UI elements a designer could need, each designed at 1x. Common cursors, Safari and Chrome web browsing windows, Finder window, Dock, Menu Bar, and a Notifications Menu are all included. For Windows components, Microsoft has released an excellent Windows library here.

Please do not repackage and redistribute these as your own.

A special thanks to Sahil Khoja, Jeff Smith, Julius Tarng, Trevor Phillippi, Matej Hrescak, Zack Schiller, Scott Horsfall, Eric Liang, Hunter Caron, David Bui, Michelle Morrison, Stef Smet, Gui Schneider, and Jean-Marc Denis.

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