Work With Us

At Facebook, we create products to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Be Open

Facebook has an open and transparent culture that embraces diverse perspectives—like yours. We understand that doing our best work takes collaboration, empathy and humility. We work fast in small teams and we're never afraid to ask for help. That's why our design teams dedicate time to critiquing work and providing feedback for one another.

Solve the Hardest Problems

Join us and you'll find yourself working at a global scale on an ever-changing range of projects. Whatever you work on, you'll help a cross-functional team identify the most important work to be done.

Think of Facebook's most well-known products and features. Many of them exist because someone was passionate about an idea, and these ideas were made real in one of our regular hackathons. At these events, small teams rally around big ideas to generate the momentum needed to build and ship.

We asked some of our team what surprised them when they joined Facebook. Here are their responses:

“I assumed I'd get lost in a tier somewhere at a 'big' company. I was pleasantly surprised when I joined how small it felt—and how small it still feels.”
Jasmine Friedl Product Designer
“Mark and Sheryl are visible and present—and active in improving the product and employee experience.”
Erin Scime Content Strategy Manager
“I went from interning to coming back full-time. Being the sole designer on a fairly visible product was not something I thought I'd get to do so early on.”
Stephanie Engle Product Designer
“Design and research aren't just deliverables at Facebook. They're baked into almost every step of the product development cycle.”
Caitria O'Neill UX Researcher

Some Of Our Roles

Product Designers, who ensure our products and features are valuable for people, easy to use, and of the highest level of craft and execution.

Product Design Managers, who lead and mentor teams to guide them to success, and advocate for design across the company.

Design Program Managers, who connect teams and solve problems to enable effective collaboration.

Content Strategists, who design with words, give our products a voice and maintain content systems that ensure our products have consistency, clarity and compassion.

UX Researchers, who validate real needs through listening to real people and unlock insights that guide our work.