Diverse Device Hands

Photos of hands holding various phones, to be used in any presentation of your designs

What is it?

We photographed these hands to help us keep in mind all the people around the world who will use our products. We'd love it if you used it in your work, too.

These images are meant to be used when presenting and marketing your designs. They were made for Origami, and we've partnered with Framer Studio to include them as well.

These hands were photographed in-house. Learn about the making of them here.


Feel free to use these in any private or public space. Please do not repackage and redistribute these as your own. If you want to include them in your design tool like Origami or Framer, contact us!

Contributors: Julius Tarng, Mohammed Abid, Christophe Wu, Tim Wong, Nicole Gregory, Damaria Jay Hammonds, Riccardo Carlet.

Julius TarngJulius Tarng Mohammed AbidMohammed Abid Christophe WuChristophe Wu Tim WongTim Wong Nicole GregoryNicole Gregory Damaria Jay HammondsDamaria Jay Hammonds Riccardo CarletRiccardo Carlet